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Rashi is a generative insights engine. Bespoke, contextual intelligence to your corpus of data, whatever you’re researching. In this increasingly complex world, our innovative algorithms reduce research time and costs while improving accuracy and speed. By reducing human bias and generating a holistic view from various sources, our software helps analysts discover more insights and patterns to improve the quality of their analysis and make higher quality and higher velocity, data-driven decisions.

Powered by advanced Natural Language Processing algorithms, Rashi deciphers the language of data, identifying patterns, trends, and associations, and generating insights.

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Introducing Rashi

Where ChatGPT is composing information, Rashi is analyzing information.

Venture Capitalist
Insights into quarterly fund performance of the top 30 Venture Capital funds

Supply Chain
Impact of Bank of England policies on British food and commodity prices

State of Generative AI’s impact in healthcare and life-sciences

Impact of App Tracking Transparency policies on social media advertising

Supply Chain
The impacts of climate change on global supply chain

Understanding acquisitions & transaction trends in networking technology

Rashi is developing customer-centric insights for analysts across industries and functions in Venture Capital, Financial Markets, Technology, Sustainability, Supply Chains, Market Research, Voice of Customer, and more.

Large Language Models like GPT-4 have a fundamental limitation in the way they compose outputs.

These sequencer models excel at generating natural language but are poor choices as tools for contextual analytic insights. Their analytic limitations will always make them best used as personal information assistants.

Read more about how Rashi’s AI is solving these problems, and building more profound insights for leaders in our blog


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We’re seeking a lead back-end engineer to build out our cloud infrastructure. Someone passionate to be on the core engineering team, working with the CTO, Machine Learning engineers. Responsible for query processing, database design and management, and cloud platforms. 

As the product designer at Rashi, your primary responsibility is to bridge the gap between product, technology, and the end user – leading UI and UX.

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