Where ChatGPT is composing information,Rashi is analyzing information.

Deep Learning Neural Networks have exploded in breadth and depth, with apps emerging every week in this “generative AI” trend. Yet, we argue that these transformer models will always have fundamental defects. 

Even GPT-4, with its huge scale and plugins, will always be best served for generating ideas, and not as a tool that has analytic and contextual intelligence. Even if GPT-4 excels at information retrieval, and is useful for learning facts, it fails to inference any statistical insights from its outputs. Additionally, the massive scale required for deep learning neural networks to always be performing, makes reducing the inference performance incredibly challenging to minimize the costs.

LLMS are fundamentally limited in their ability to be used in making business decisions. These models are Stochastic Parrots. 

Rashi is building models that generate business insights from a corpus of data. Rashi is an information engine that extracts the highest-level strategy insights for your domain, and generates real time, bespoke, business knowledge. 

Making leadership and business decisions in this world is increasingly complex.

Rashi gives you tools and reports to separate the signal from the noise to understand the most important business insights and trends, in interpreting data For AI that serves human interests in improved learning capabilities.