Product Designer


Position Summary 

We’re seeking a product designer with a passion for building powerful functionalities into delightful user experiences.

You’ll work closely with the founding team, as well as engineering, and have autonomy to envision your own designs, apply your own creativity, while working with the founding team in designing the interface that they direct .

Our team is remote, and we are expecting this role to work independently, with enthusiasm, closely with the founding team. What matters most is the quality of output, of course, as we seek to empower each other to build amazing products, in order to build iconic AI applications that are pro-human intelligence.




About Rashi

Rashi’s mission is to augment the way people do analysis – much as search engines have augmented the way people search for information.

We’re a Machine Learning insights engine, a fundamentally new solution to uncover and generate the insights that exist within the ocean of data, about whatever topic a user is researching. In this ever increasingly complex world, we’re trying to give people the tools to declutter the noise on the internet, and extract key insights — instantly, about whatever you are trying to understand. 

We’re trying to make iconic applications, and we’re at the ground floor. To make our vision a reality, we need passionate builders, rebels, and kind people. We’re not going for “AGI”. We’re not going for exascale neural networks that brew unsettlement, concern, and fear. We’re trying to spark joy in our apps, that make users go ‘Eureka!’, in the sense of instantly gaining insights from our tools. Technology to augment and empower humans, to automate qualitative, manual analysis — in ways that make us smarter, and not ways where we outsource creativity to the machines. 

We’re looking for people that want to build impactful, practical, useful products to be used by millions, and build a new kind of intelligence revolution. 


Rashi Technologies Corp. is a registered C-Corp in Delaware. For more information please go to .