Lead Research Scientist, Foundation

Remote or New York Based


Rashi’s mission is to augment the way people do analysis – in a similar vein that search engines have augmented the way people search for information. 

We’re a Machine Learning insights engine, a fundamentally new solution to uncover and generate the insights that exist within the ocean of data, about whatever topic a user is researching. In this ever increasingly complex world, we’re trying to give people the tools to declutter the noise on the internet, and extract key insights — instantly, about whatever you are trying to understand. 

We’re trying to make iconic applications, and we’re at the ground floor. To make our vision a reality, we need passionate builders, rebels, and kind people. We’re not going for “AGI”. We’re not going for hyper-parameterized neural networks that brew unsettlement, concern, and fear. We’re trying to spark joy in our apps, that make users go ‘Eureka!’, in the sense of instantly gaining insights from our tools. Technology to augment and empower humans, to automate qualitative, manual analysis — in ways that make us smarter, and not ways where we outsource creativity to the machines. 

We’re looking for people that want to build impactful, practical, useful products to be used by millions, and build a new kind of intelligence revolution. 

For more information, check out our blog! (launching soon) 


Position Summary 

We’re seeking a lead research scientist with a passion for Natural Language Processing and analytics. In this role you’ll work with the two founders, to define and optimize the NLP models and datasets for our algorithms to perform at scale. You’ll be researching and developing the best ways to extract topics, track topic convergence and divergence, vectorize such information and represent the insights that will emerge. 



    • Develop, implement, and test ideas for significantly improving models in unsupervised language learning, deep learning, classification, and NER neural networks. 

    • Work in a team setting to understand the behavior and limitations of various libraries, mainstream approaches, and think creatively to devise new ways to make our models performant. 

    • Drive the downstream implementation of these improvements with our engineering team, with a driving curiosity for performance improvements



    •  Experience architecting sophisticated machine learning models 

    • Getting into the weeds of thinking deeply creatively to solve challenges and drive long-term system plans to completion 

    • Excellent quantitative intuition and creative thinking of developing intelligent heuristics for performance at scale 

    • Excellent communication and collaboration skills, and ability to communicate the architecture and implementation scheme to engineering and founding teams 

    • Ability to work in a fast paced startup, where we’re all trying our best and trying to enable each other’s best selves to perform with flow, to support each other, and help make our ambitious plan a reality.


Our Plan & benefits 

We are a pre-money, super young startup. We plan to acquire funding in 6 months time. Following which we will secure enormous funding. Until then, our goal is to build out very lean. Following which, rewards to be had. We’re looking for mission driven people, to build long term business partnerships. 

We are offering significant stock options to be negotiated with salary. As we build an iconic company, that believes in AI to empower humans, responsible AI and AI leadership. We want to empower anyone working on the Rashi mission to be their most empowered, intelligent, and informed selves. We want to be community-driven and to support creative organizations. 

You can expect the following benefits as we build: 

    • Comprehensive health insurance coverage – 100% for employees 

    • Dental and vision insurance 

    • Unlimited vacation time 

    • Competitive salary 

    • Stock options 

    • Home Stipends 

Rashi Technologies Corp. is a registered C-Corp in Delaware. For more information please go to Rashi.ai .